Charity & Service

A fundamental purpose instilled among Freemasons is Service to God and Charity to mankind.  As part of that endeavor, our Lodge members are committed to providing service in several ways.  Below are just a few:

Family Services, Inc.

Family services was formed in 1908 by people who saw suffering in our community and felt an obligation to do something about it.  They created an organization to reach out and help their neighbor whether their problems resulted from poverty, illness or disability.  Over 100 years later, they have touched the lives of tens of thousands in our community but still find our community in a period of history where the needs are once again growing rapidly.  Their programs and services protect the victims of domestic violence, provide housing for people with disabilities, provide meals to those less fortunate, and provide support services to youth.  Mason’s Montgomery-Cornerstone Lodge have pledged to do what we can to support their noble, humanitarian cause.

Download the FSI Volunteer Application.

Shriners Shepherds

The Shepherds Program provides volunteers drivers who want to help transport families located in the DC Metro area to the Shriners Hospital in Philadelphia, PA, where they receive specialized, and many times, life-saving medical services.  We have partnered with Almas Shriners in Washington, DC to help support these noble efforts.  **Note:  One is not required to be a Mason nor a member of the Shriner’s to volunteer as a shepherd driver.   One just needs to submit an application for review and certification.  Once you are certified, you will be added to the Shepherds email list and notified when volunteer opportunities become available. There are always two drivers paired up for each trip and first time drivers are usually paired up with a more experienced driver for their very first trip.  All Mason and interested parties are encouraged to find time to help and support this worthy cause.

Download Volunteer Driver Application


Currently there are more than 2,500 volunteers who have adopted over 450 road segments and cleaning over 1100 miles of road in an effort to Keep Montgomery County Beautiful.  The Adopt-A-Road (AAR) program helps reduce trash and litter along County roads and maintain a clean and attractive environment.  Ultimately it helps protect the Chesapeake Bay because litter that is washed into storm drains, travels to nearby creeks, streams, major rivers, and eventually can reach the Bay.

Montgomery-Cornerstone Lodge has adopted Great Falls Road, because AAR allows Lodge to publically demonstrate community pride and make a positive statement for a clean and attractive community.  We want to do our part as Masons and as members of the Rockville community to help make Montgomery County a “Greener” place to live!

Masonic Charities of Maryland

Every year, Montgomery-Cornerstone Lodge awards a monetary scholarship to a graduating high school senior in the Rockville, MD area.  Students from (6) different area high schools are encouraged to submit a handwritten application which is then reviewed by our Scholarship Committee and a winner is chosen based on several qualifying factors.  The chosen winner is then invited to attend a Scholarship Banquet at the Grand Lodge of Maryland located in Timonium, Maryland to receive the official scholarship award.  The Worshipful Master of our Lodge also makes an official appearance at the winners high school to make a special presentation during the schools senior awards ceremony as well.