Worshipful Master’s Message

As I move into the East this year  and take over the reins of leadership with our new line of officers, I want all of you to know that I am extremely honored and humbled to have been chosen to be your Worshipful Master.  When I first petitioned the Craft back in January of 2009, I came to Montgomery- Cornerstone seeking an opportunity to stand with, grow with and share my experiences with men of like mind.  Men who not only wanted to improve themselves but also wanted to meaningfully contribute to the growth and success of one another, their families and our community.

As I reflect back on the first day I walked through our Lodge doors, I remember being immediately embraced by the brethren who I met and was welcomed as part of our Masonic family.  I knew then, as I know today, that I am in the right place. This is a feeling that I will never forget and one which I hope to continue to convey to every person who enters our temple building.  With that, all of you have my utmost gratitude for your support along the way in my journey and my most sincere promise to serve you and our lodge family to the very best of my abilities.

Brethren, let’s continue to dedicate ourselves to serving each other, the Craft, our Families and our Community.  I’m very excited to see what this and future years will bring!  May peace, harmony and brotherly love prevail!

Bro. Paul E. McFadden
Worshipful Master | 2017