Worshipful Master

Bro. Paul E. McFadden, WM

Bro. Paul E. McFadden

“His Jewel is the Square, which is a stonemason’s tool to ascertain true and correct angles of the cut and smoothed stone…thus his Jewel symbolizes virtue.”

Senior Warden

Bro. Robert Blanken, SW

Bro. Robert Blanken

“His Jewel is the level… symbolizing that all Masons meet on the level, without regard to social, political or religious beliefs or status.”

Junior Warden

Bro. Christopher Hinkel, JW

Bro. Christopher Hinkel

“His Jewel of Office is the Plumb,… which is a stonemason’s instrument used for ascertaining the alignment of a vertical surface.”


Bro. A. Romain Tweedy, SEC

Bro. A. Romain Tweedy

“His Jewel is the Crossed Quill Pens. The Secretary is the Lodge’s Recorder.”


Bro. Thomas A. Graham, IV, TRE

Bro. Thomas A. Graham, IV

“His Jewel is a Pair of Crossed Keys, signifying he is the Collector and Distributor of all Lodge Monies as he holds the keys to the cashbox.”

Senior Deacon

Bro. Adam Hinkel, SD

Bro. Adam Hinkel

“His Jewel is the Square and Compass with the Sun in the middle. The sun signifies that his position is on the lower level, to the right of the Worshipful Master in the east.”

Junior Deacon

Bro. Cory A. Short, JD

Bro. Cory A. Short

“Like his senior counterpart, the Senior Deacon, the Jewel of his office is the Square and Compass, however the Junior Deacon’s Square and Compass has a moon in the center (rather than a sun), which signifies that he is in the West.”

Senior Steward

Bro. Eugene Kennedy, SS

Bro. Eugene Kennedy

“His Jewel is the Cornucopia, which is an exact duplicate of the Junior Steward’s Cornucopia. The Cornucopia signifies the “Horn of Plenty”. It is a goat horn filled with the fresh fruits and vegetables to denote the “fruits of your labors” and represents a job well done.”

Junior Steward

Bro. Kenneth Lonogan, JS

Bro. Kenneth Lonogan

“His Jewel is the Cornucopia, which is an exact duplicate to the Senior Steward’s Cornucopia. The Cornucopia signifies the Horn of Plenty.”


Bro. Yaw Pepra, TY

Bro. Yaw Pepra

“His Jewel is the Sword, by which he symbolically refuses entrance to anyone who is uninitiated in the Craft. The sword has no scabbard, as it is his symbolic duty to always have his sword drawn, ready for the defense of his post.”


Bro. Louis M. Numkin, PM, CHAP

Bro. Louis M. Numkin, PM

“His Jewel of office is an opened book, symbolizing the Volume of Sacred Law (the Christian Bible, Hebrew Torah or Tanach, the Muslim Qur’an, the Hindu Vedas or other Holy Books).”


Bro. Barry M. Rosen, PM, MARSH

Bro. Barry M. Rosen, PM

“His Jewel is the Crossed Batons. The Marshal is the Lodge’s Conductor or Master of Ceremonies.”