Welcome to the digital home of Montgomery-Cornerstone Lodge No. 195, charted by the Grand Lodge of Maryland on November 22, 1893. We are a masonic lodge located on Great Falls Road in Rockville, MD and hold our stated communications on the first and third Tuesday of each month except July and August.

Our goal as masons is to make good men better by using the tools of the builders’ trade as symbols to teach moral and ethical lessons. On this site you will find historic information for both our lodge and Freemasonry in general, as well as information about current lodge activities and our current line of officers.

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About us

History of Montgomery-Cornerstone Lodge No. 195

On September 26, 2002, Montgomery Lodge No. 195 and Cornerstone Lodge. No. 224 merged to become Montgomery-Cornerstone Lodge No. 195. Each Lodge had a rich history during its life in Montgomery County and each Lodge is described below to highlight their separate pasts.

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